Dealing with Wisdom Teeth Removal Pain

Wisdom tooth removal is necessary for many people, but we cannot lie and say it is the most comfortable procedure you will ever encounter. Just in brief: wisdom tooth removal involves an incision in the gum, the removal of some jaw bone material, and the ultimate removal of the individual tooth (in its entirety or in pieces). Clearly, this leads to things like bleeding, swelling, and pain.

Unfortunately, it is the possibility for wisdom teeth removal pain that makes many people avoid the procedure, and this can lead to much greater and more prolonged discomfort over the long term. How is that? Well, wisdom teeth can slide right into place and create no problems, or they can become impacted, partially erupted, and even decayed if they are hard to clean. They can often knock teeth out of their original alignment which can even change the bite pattern.

This means that temporary wisdom teeth removal pain is much easier to accept than all of the hassles and discomforts that leaving them in place can bring.

Of course, many people are okay with the prospect of wisdom teeth removal pain, it is simply a matter of knowing how to treat it when it occurs. The answer to that is going to vary depending upon the extent of the work required, the level of difficulty in removing them, and the overall condition of the teeth and gums before the procedure.

For example, some people deal with swelling and pain at the point of removal; bleeding; slow healing; and even a condition known as dry socket. Each of these things can be said to be a part of wisdom teeth removal pain, and each of them requires different remedies.

Generally, an oral surgeon will review a patient’s risk factors before the surgery. They will be given a proper method of pain management to use before they arrive and to use when they depart (this is why so many people need to be escorted both to and from their oral surgeon’s office). There is usually a few days during which time the face is swollen and in which eating is a bit difficult, pain management is available for this period too.

If pain still occurs four days after the surgery, it is going to be associated with a secondary condition. This often requires a return visit to the dental professional for an assessment and a proper remedy is supplied.


  1. Back 15 years ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. It was not a fun experience to say the least and recovery was rough. I remember the swollen cheeks and the pain associated with it. Especially when I tried to drink from a straw. Ouch. But I do not remember having any kind of complications with it. My younger sister will be having her’s removed very soon and this is good to know just in case in issue with the recovery period arises.

  2. When I had my wisdom teeth removed 10 years ago and had a lot of pain with it but there were no real complications, nothing serious anyway. Pain was pretty bad at times.

  3. I had 2 of my wisdom teeth removed several hours ago. the numbing from the procedure wore off already but the ibuprofen 800mg (very strong) is working! I was also prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection and even a stronger pain killer (Vicodin) if ibuprofen is not enough. So far so good! Hopefully I will be able to say so tomorrow and in a couple of days 🙂 By the way, absolutely use no straws or drink from a bottle. This will create suction and may damage the blood clot that covers the open wound. The blood clot is necessary for proper healing.

  4. I just recently got my wisdom teeth removed and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. it only took me half an hour to get both of mine out but yet again my wisdom teeth were already showing. I did need stitches but only on the bottom. the recovery stage is kinda painful for me but the bag of ice helped me more then any pain medication ! I did get an infection because of my teeth so the shots to numb my mouth didnt fully work; It was the only bad part of my operation. The pain does bother you but just keep the ice pack on them and pain killers.

  5. I had my impacted and partially erupted lower wisdom tooth removed this morning. It had been causing me problems for a while with repeated infections. I am pretty terrified of the dentist anyway and had it done by local anesthetic only, with all the horror stories you hear i had worked myself up into quite a state


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