Teen Declares Tom Brady Love After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Image via Jay Kenny's Twitter

Having a surgical procedure to remove your third molars can be stressful. Yet, after her procedure, one Massachusetts teenager had only one thing on her mind: Tom Brady.

On August 23, Gabby Kenney’s post-op video was tweeted by her father, Jay.

Procedure Day

For the procedure, her mother, Rosaleen, had accompanied Gabby.

“It started in the dentist chair. She was really, really upset and I was just really confused as to what was happening,” the mother said. On the ride home, Gabby Kenney then went into hysterics over, well, Tom Brady.

Thanks to the sedation she received, Kenney had somehow managed to start recording herself without realizing it. When the video begins, her mother is telling Kenney she loves her.

“I know you love me,” she slurs. “But I want Tom Brady to love me.”

I know there are several hundred Patriots fans that feel the same, Gabby. Unfortunately, the football player is presumably happy with his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen.

True Patriots Fan

Kenney’s loyalty is fickle, however. She also admits that she loves Gronk, otherwise known as Rob Gronkowski. She cried about Gronk’s unexpected 2019 retirement from the NFL. The tight end played for the same team as Brady for 9 seasons.

“I love Gronk but he left us!” Kenney cries. “What if he stops rooting for the [Patriots]? What if he starts rooting for the Steelers? The Steelers are so bad!”

Gronkowski and his potential Steelers fandom are soon forgotten once Kenney considers Tom Brady’s attractiveness.

“Tom Brady is so pretty!” she wails. “And he doesn’t love me back!”

Any bets on how long it will take Tom Brady to respond on social media? After all, an Indiana Pacers super fan scored a retweet after his drugged-up video went viral. Here’s to hoping!

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