Tanner Braungardt Got His Wisdom Teeth Removed And It Was Comedy Gold

YouTube star Tanner Braungardt had his most extreme challenge yet. The freerunner was in need of interesting content, so he got his wisdom teeth removed.

You can’t get oral surgery by yourself, but Tanner had his mom Kim to drive him home. Tanner got no footage from inside the office, so most of the video takes place after.

Tanner Braungardt Wisdom Teeth Removal
Via YouTube

The YouTuber left the office high as a kite, and couldn’t walk without wobbling. This is normal when you get your wisdom teeth removed.

Anesthesia will eliminate the considerable pain the process puts you through. The downside is that you will sound like an idiot afterwards.

Tanner also visibly still had blood in his mouth after getting in the car, so he gleefully showed it to the camera. You can’t be a freerunner if you aren’t comfortable with blood.

Tanner Braungardt Wisdom Teeth Removal
Via YouTube

Kim patiently tried to get her son to wash out his mouth, but to no avail. Tanner’s logic was that his mouth was too full to handle water.

However, his mom got Tanner to clean out his mouth eventually after pulling over to a grassy area.

Tanner Braungardt Wisdom Teeth Removal
Via YouTube

But a clean mouth didn’t clear up Tanner’s muddled brain after returning to the car. The drive home consisted mostly of the YouTuber being quite silly.

The drugs did manage to make him existential towards the end. He unexpectedly waxed philosophical on the meaning of life in the face of inevitable death.

Tanner ended the video talking to the camera in his room, but he was finally sober.

Tanner Braungardt Wisdom Teeth Removal
Via YouTube

He talked about the difficulty with food for instance. You are unable to eat or drink before the surgery.

You can eat post-surgery, but the sensitivity makes it hard to consume anything that isn’t soft. We recommend ice cream and applesauce.

Watch the whole video below:

Leave a comment below and let us know about your wisdom teeth removal experience.

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