Time to React: Tal Fishman Reacts to the Funniest Wisdom Teeth Aftermath Videos

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Videos of oral surgery patients coming down from anesthesia are common. We have all chuckled at a dazed and confused person on camera trying to splutter out nonsense with bloodstained cotton in their mouth. Believe it or not, though, these videos weren’t always a thing. Consider some pure vintage Internet from the year 2009. Of course, I’m talking about David After the Dentist, the original anesthesia aftermath video. David DeVore Jr., a young kid, was filmed by his dad after oral surgery. His father originally uploaded the clip to show family and friends, but he wasn’t aware of the “private” option on YouTube. The video went public and then viral. Thanks to one dazed little boy, the Devore family rocketed to YouTube stardom.

Since 2009, everyone has tried to get in on the action. YouTube is full of thousands of videos featuring drugged up patients after oral surgery. Many have gone viral. Of course, everyone thinks their video is the best, but only a few can truly be deemed the funniest. Luckily, the Internet is full of compilation videos. The channel Reaction Time has edited together some of the best videos for us.

Reaction Time is a YouTube channel ran by 22-year-old Tal Fishman. Fishman has made a name for himself by recording his reactions to other videos. In 2017, he posted a video of himself reacting to funny anesthesia videos. Thanks to its popularity (over 5 million views), he posted a second part in April this year.

Fishman begins by explaining that his friend’s recent wisdom teeth removal inspired him. After hilariously butchering the word “anesthesia” a couple of times, he shares his favorite aftermath videos. The compilation starts out strong with a worthy contender. A woman, ice pack wrap and all, threatens to punch the cameraperson (presumably, her mother) for filming her. Thanks to anesthesia-induced bravado, she (spoiler!) actually does take a swing at the camera.

Highlights of the rest of the reaction video include a girl convinced her tongue has fallen out, two siblings both under anesthesia, and a boy who raps about elevator music. The video introduces a funny proposal for a new meme as well: “can you see me right now?” So, be sure to check it out. My favorite clip involves a mother telling her son that it may be best to not talk. Drowsily, he responds, “That’s like asking the sun not to shine.” Oh, boy, I felt that. Me too, kid. Me too.

Interestingly, even though this video is Tal Fishman’s second wisdom tooth foray, the popular YouTuber still has all teeth, third molars and all. While he imagines the surgery is incredibly painful, he assumes the worst part of the ordeal is seeing how you acted on anesthesia because your loved ones filmed you. Is it though? It seems like an easy way to get your 15 minutes of viral fame. Hopefully, the subjects of these videos all consented to posting the videos online!

Watch The Funniest Wisdom Teeth Aftermath Compilation by Reaction Time below:

Have you been recorded post-extraction? How did you act? Did you publish it online? Let us know in the comments!

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