Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Estimated Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Depending on what type of extraction you are having, who is performing the procedure, what type of insurance you carry  and the location of the dentist, the extraction of a wisdom tooth will typically range from just over a hundred dollars to several hundred dollars. Much of this will depend on how the tooth is positioned in the jaw, if a simple or surgical extraction is needed, if the tooth is impacted, and if your provider is a member of your insurance plan.

A wisdom tooth that is partially impacted may only cost $100 to extract through your dental plan. However, if you are receiving sedation therapy and surgery through an oral surgeons office, or you don’t have a dental insurance plan, the total wisdom teeth removal cost may range from $250 to $400. Only a consultation and x-ray with your dentist can determine exactly how much your extraction needs will impact your wallet. Each person is different, and so are the procedures that they need.

Choose The Right Provider

When possible, having your general dentist perform a wisdom tooth extraction is much more affordable than having it performed by a specialist such as an oral surgeon. Specialist offices typically have a higher overhead and use many more advanced procedures when needed, which inflates the cost of treatment. While many people do need to have their wisdom teeth extracted by an oral surgeon, others may be able to simply have them taken out in their normal dentist’s office. Even if the fees between the practitioners are not very different, your insurance plan may actually offer financial incentives to cover the procedure at a higher percentage through the general provider, greatly reducing your wisdom teeth removal cost. The price of the extraction will also depend on the experience of the dentist and the location of the office. Offices located in major cities tend to be higher in price than dental offices in more rural locations. And, specialists with more experience on wisdom teeth extraction generally charge more than those with less experience.

Some dental schools offer wisdom teeth extraction at a deeply discounted rate to allow dental students to practice pulling teeth. All students are overseen by instructors, who are usually licensed dentists, during the procedure. You may consider having your wisdom teeth removed there if you really have a tight budget.

Dental Insurance and Dental Plans Coverage

Dental insurance can greatly reduce the overall out of pocket expenses that you may incur when figuring out your wisdom teeth removal cost.  Some insurance plans cover as much as 80% of the cost!  The reduction may be hundreds of dollars even over a thousand dollars different. While this may not make sense, it does for your dental care providers. By them participating in insurance networks they are able to maintain a steady supply of dental patients, and in turn offer a significant discount to patients that participate in those plans. If you are currently shopping dental insurance, please note that there may be a waiting period where new subscribers must wait several months before completing major dental work such as a surgical extraction.

Sample costs of wisdom tooth extraction with a discount dental plan.
Sample costs of wisdom tooth removal with a discount dental plan.

Discount dental plans or dental savings plans, which are an alternative to dental insurance, are available through sites like DentalPlans.com starting as low as $80 a year for individuals and $130 a year for families.  And, their plans are generally activated quickly and don’t have any health restrictions, you won’t need to wait  months to receive the dental care you need. This kind of dental discount program is more affordable and can be a better choice for your wisdom teeth removal need.

It will be costly if you have your wisdom teeth removed without dental insurance or dental plans. You are going to pay over $1000 dollars easily for extracting four wisdom teeth.

Other Expenses to Consider

In addition to extracting the teeth, an initial examination and x-rays will need to be performed in order to diagnose the proper procedures and make a treatment plan. The use of local anesthetic is typically covered in dental procedure fees, but alternatives like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or sedation dentistry come at an added fee. Nitrous oxide may only be $20 more, and sedation would depend on what method is used. Prescription oral medications will be much more affordable than IV sedation in-office.

Ways To Bring Down The Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost

  • Select a provider in your network (if you have dental insurance), for optimal insurance benefit coverage. If you don’t have dental insurance, discount dental plans may be a better choice as they are cheaper and activated quickly.
  • When possible, have a general dentist perform your extraction, as the teeth removal cost will be less expensive than a procedure in the oral surgeon’s office.
  • Bring a copy of your old x-rays from your last dentist. Sometimes x-rays are still recent enough that a new set does not need to be taken. Panoramic x-rays are taken only about every 3-5 years.
  • Receiving local anesthetic and nitrous oxide is a great alternative to sedation dentistry. Many people are comfortable and relaxed during routine extractions using these methods.
  • Call a dental school in your area to see if they offer wisdom teeth extraction at a low price.

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