Markiplier Vlogged His Wisdom Teeth Removal And It’s Giving Us All Life Right Now

Markiplier Wisdom Teeth
Via YouTube

Massive YouTuber Markiplier revealed on social media that he needed to get his wisdom teeth removed, so naturally his fans demanded that the whole thing be documented.

So Markiplier gave the people what they wanted. Watching somebody after they’ve gotten their wisdom teeth removed is comedy gold, because the anesthesia leaves them high af.

Markiplier, real name Mark Fischbach, took his girlfriend Amy with him to the dentist and vlogged all the non-surgery parts. Hilarity ensued.

Markiplier Wisdom Teeth
Via YouTube

Early in the video, Mark has a hysterical exchange with his doctor, who he confesses to about his profession.

“I’m a YouTuber,” Mark gleefully informs her.

“Oh are you?” the doctor replied kindly, as if speaking to a child who just confessed to being Batman.

“Millions of people watch!” Markiplier added.

“How many subscribers do you have?” the doctor inquired.

“23 million!” Mark said proudly.

Markiplier Wisdom Teeth
Via YouTube

YouTubers always remember how many subs they have, due to a shared superpower. At least that’s my theory.

Mark later gushed about how wonderful everybody was to him, most noteworthy his nurse Stephanie. Her actual name is Ashley. Mark tearfully apologized for getting her name wrong. Then got it wrong right after that.

He took his removed wisdom teeth home as a souvenir, so his girlfriend joked that showing the teeth would probably get the video demonetized.

Markiplier Wisdom Teeth
Via YouTube

Markiplier is best known for his YouTube videos in the gaming genre, most noteworthy his Drunk Minecraft series. He also started a vlog to document his life. Similarly, his vlog is also a hit.

The video of Mark getting his wisdom teeth removed currently boasts 2.2 million views and 300,000 likes. Most noteworthy, his 23 millions subs will have a lot of meme material. Why is everybody high on anesthesia nice?

Watch the whole video here:

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