Jacob Sartorius Shares Wisdom Teeth Surgery Video

Photo via Jacob Sartorius' Instagram

Singer Jacob Sartorius has joined the ranks of viral post-op videos. After an August 15 wisdom tooth removal, the online star posted a heartfelt and slightly incoherent shout out to his fans in a social media video.

Sartorius has a reputation of honesty with his fans. From his experience being bullied to his battle against depression, Sartorius prefers to be open with his fan base. It’s no surprise then that he decided to bring his fans along for his wisdom tooth removal.

Like any social media start worth his salt, the 16-year-old posted a post-op video for his Instagram followers. From what appears to be the actual dentist’s procedure room, Sartorius speaks directly to the camera with a bandaged face.

As we all know, people act ridiculous while under the influence of sedation. Often, patients are incoherent or even paranoid. For example, does anyone else remember the girl who thought her tongue fell out?

On the other hand, Sartorius is just perpetually grateful for his fame. Even while drugged up, the 16-year-old just wanted to thank his fans.

“I just want to say I love all my fans!” Sartorius says, muddled by his swollen mouth. “Without you guys, I wouldn’t be s***!”

The rest of monologue is incoherent, save for a proclamation of “I am savage!” Fair enough, the guy did just get teeth cut out from his jaw. Once in a more lucid state of mind, Sartorius posted the video and captioned it, “I LOVE YOU GUYS” with heart emojis directed to his fans.

On August 14, the day before his surgery, the singer posted that he was nervous for the procedure. However, recovery seemed to be speedy. Only days after the procedure, he was tweeting his excitement over being able to eat regular food again. His meal of choice: Chick-fil-a. Yum!

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