Extract the Funny – Priceless (And Hilarious) Wisdom Teeth Removal Videos

There are few scenarios that strike such fear and panic in dental patients than wisdom tooth extraction. While this procedure is feared by many, the end results are more than a healthy mouth. For many, the drive home is a prime opportunity to enjoy life through the groggy goggles of anaesthesia. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, the hilarity that’s derived from post-procedure encounters can now be placed on a worldwide platform for all to enjoy (Remember,  David After Dentist?).

Whether you’re preparing for wisdom tooth removal and need a distraction from your nervousness, or you simply enjoy watching otherwise “put together” individuals flowing along a river of pain killers and post-anaesthesia wonderment, these are the best wisdom teeth removal videos on the Internet.

Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Jayci’s Struggle With Reality

Jayci is a normal girl with normal dreams – to be Nicki Minaj upon waking after wisdom tooth surgery. In true horror, she must realize her fantasies did not come true. While there seems to be several moments of crushing reality, her desires takes another blow. She realizes she’s not friends with Ellen Degeneres, and why wouldn’t she. Thankfully, Jayci explains why she wants to be chums with the famous comedian, “Ellen Degeneres is generous; it’s literally her name, and I love her.”

Jack and the Plumber

Poor Jack, he’s so concerned about plumbing – or is it his friend Jake Plumber? Regardless, this young man is truly embracing the spur-of-the-moment thoughts and desires of his hazy state. Thanks to his loving parents, now the world can witness the ever-changing emotional rollercoaster that is the non-monogomous relationship between dentist and patient. While on the longer side (lasting nearly 16 minutes), this educational video explains (or tries to) describe an eclipse and answer the age-old question, who built the ocean?

The Time Machine That Is Wisdom Teeth Surgery

In the realm of wisdom teeth removal, the very fabric of space and time is ripped – or at least that’s what Julie thought upon awaking after her surgery. Her immediate reactions of confusion swiftly change a common desire shared by millions – how to make Jamba Juice smoothies. Unfortunately for Julie, this desire is shortlived with the constant revelation that her surgery has already been done. In true story telling fashion, Julie describes to her husband, Cameron, the events of the day. However, she can’t quite seem to believe her surgery is done. Thankfully, she thought the “milkshake” Cameron brought her was “really good.”

The Bonds of Siblings

When Brad and McKenzie were sent off for their wisdom tooth extraction little did they know such hilarity was in store for them. Recorded by their loving parents, these siblings fight a common battle filled with confusion, frustration and “seeing double like a superhero.” For 14 minutes, the swollen cheeks and delisional thoughts spill from their gauze-filled mouths while their loving parents giggle at the struggles shared by millions of wisdom tooth extraction patients. While one of the longer videos, it’s definitely worth a watch.

The Magical Unicorn Ride

How many times have you dreamed of being scooped up by a beautiful unicorn and ushered into a magical palace filled with all the wonderments of childhood? Well, if you’re this lucky wisdom tooth extraction patient, this dreamed turned into a reality. Explore the mystical land of blueberries and slurred speech while the sounds of medical equipment softly echo in the background. Throughout this nearly three minute journey, listen as she describes delicious meals of onions and mushrooms, and the occasional papaya. This hilarious moment captured by a “good friend” is one to keep you laughing and wondering what exactly who’s in the house?


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