Devoted Fan Cries For Injured Player While Sedated

Photo via Zach Pearson's Twitter

You may love a certain athlete. You may even consider yourself that athlete’s biggest fan. Chances are, you still probably aren’t as devoted as Zach Pearson. Pearson, a high school student from Ohio, is a long-time Indiana Pacers fan. Specifically, Pearson admires the team’s point guard, Victor Oladipo.

Unfortunately, the basketball player suffered an injury back in January of this year. During a game against the Toronto Raptors, Oladipo ruptured a tendon in his knee. As of the end of August, the player is still in recovery and has not returned to the game.

This injury weighed heavy on Pearson’s mind after his recent wisdom tooth removal. Pearson admits that in his “loopy” state, he asked his girlfriend to record him. Dressed in a Pacers t-shirt, Pearson is visibly upset and drying his eyes in his post-procedure video. “Victor, I miss you, man,” cries Pearson. “Get better, buddy. I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

Pearson then continues to praise Oladpio’s basketball skills. “He dunks it all the time!” he reassures his viewers.

This viral brush with fame paid off for Pearson. Oladipo saw the video and tweeted back to Pearson. Oladipo retweeted the video along with the words “Appreciate my guy!”

 “I don’t think any moment has topped when Oladipo responded,” Pearson said. “Just knowing that he saw it felt so surreal.”

After reflecting on his 15 minutes of fame, Pearson is just simply glad he got people discussing his team. “The Pacers never get any love [on social media],” Pearson said. “The fact that with my video, I was able to rep the Pacers and get us out there, that’s probably the coolest part of it.”

Pearson has since recovered from his wisdom tooth removal. Here’s to hoping Oladpio also recovers soon so Pearson can cheer him on!

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