David Dobrik’s Double Extraction is Hilarious

Photo via YouTube.

David Dobrik is the latest YouTuber to record his wisdom teeth extraction. Dobrik, a famous vlogger, got his start on the now-defunct Vine application. Now, he documents his life to over 9 million subscribers twice a week. His vlogs typically involve pranks with his friends and his fans can’t get enough.

Vlog #580 starts out with Dobrik and his famous Vlog Squad on en route to getting their “brains scanned.” The how and why of this situation isn’t really explained, but we do know everyone is super pumped about it.

The video then cuts to Dobrik at his dentist. Dobrik explains on camera that he did have his bottom wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago. The time has now come to remove the top ones and he brings his fans, and his infamous Vlog Squad, along for the ride.

Surprisingly, the cameras (along with the Vlog Squad) do enter the procedure room and document the entire thing. Dobrik is masked with laughing gas, which doesn’t stop him from narrating throughout the experience. If you’re squeamish, this is your warning: there will be blood. Or, at the very least, a quick look at a bloody extracted tooth. Even his friends gagged a little while they watched.

Dobrik, drugged up. Photo via YouTube.

After, the Squad is sure to record the obligatory drugged-up aftermath. Dazed Dobrik, complete with swollen chipmunk cheeks, speaks into the camera. The Squad quizzes him to test his lucidity. He can name the first U.S. president without hesitation. Then his friend Jason Nash does ask him whom he’d sleep with out of his roommates. Undeterred, Dobrik slurs, “Myself.”

During the ride home, his friends egg him on and dare the drugged up YouTuber to call Ian, Dobrik’s contact atSeatGeek. If you aren’t familiar, SeatGeek, a ticket search engine, is a favorite of Dobrik. The site also sponsors his YouTube channel.

“Let me guess,” Ian deadpans over speakerphone. “You want more of our money.” He then instructs Dobrik to mention SeatGeek on camera in his current vlog; the man probably assumed Dobrik was too incapacitated to do it.

Dobrik is ever the entrepreneur, however. He can recite the entire company’s pitch, “even with enough drugs in [his] system to put down a baby elephant.” For the shout out, Dobrik gets an unknown amount of money. Who else wishes the number was uncensored? Come on! If you decide to hop on over to SeatGeek after this, be sure to take Dobrik’s promo code (DAVID) with you. The man surely earned it.

Dobrik also believes someone else earned something. He takes the promised SeatGeek cash and purchases Carly Incontro, a member of the Vlog Squad, her dream car. With Incontro standing it a wait, a sleek black Tesla rolls in. It’s revealed Carly has talked non-stop about wanting a Tesla for six months. There are tears and hugs. Her reaction is adorable, so you definitely will want to check it out.

Luckily, for David Dobrik, his wisdom teeth extraction was no big deal. Luckily for us, he has an entourage of funny people ready to embarrass him on camera.

Watch the full video below:

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