Brevin And Spencer Get Wisdom Teeth Surgery In Hilarious Family Vlog

Wisdom Teeth Surgery
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Wisdom teeth surgery was the theme for the newest ‘What Are We Doing’ video. Brothers Brevin and Spencer needed a wisdom teeth extraction, so that made it perfect vlog material.

Brevin and Spencer are members of the Parker family.

They run a successful family vlog that seeks to answer the question,”What are we doing?”

Jason (43), Amber (41), Brevin (16), Spencer (14), Garrett (10), and Ella (8), have 56k subscribers invested in their adventures.

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The wisdom teeth surgery was just one of the events they vlogged about because there was so much going on.

Parents Jason and Amber started the video with a shopping trip. They brought Ella along to buy new soccer cleats.

They later went food shopping to pick up something for Brevin and Spencer to eat post-surgery.

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Eating solid food is problematic because of the wisdom teeth extraction. So if you get your wisdom teeth out, keep ice cream on hand.

The Parkers were able to take their camera’s into the dentist office, so we got even more footage.

We got to see the x-ray of their teeth, and how the boys were before getting put under anesthesia.

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Unsurprisingly, the boys were completely out of it after the surgery was completed.

Their faces were swollen. They expressed their love for everyone.

This is universal for wisdom teeth surgery participants.

wisdom teeth surgery
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Spencer however had a bit of nausea in the car. It passed quickly because he kept asking if he could play basketball.

Amber informed him the doctor said no. Spencer was happy about this because he was tired.

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The boys made it home safe and ice cream was waiting for them. Amber made them jello as well.

Watch the full video below:

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